I’m sure that my little tinker-fairy thinks my sewing machine is some magical device. She has placed orders for nurse’s outfit, fairy skirts and mermaid tails which will be coming soon. If there is something you would like to have made up, please drop me a line.  I would like to offer home-sewn items to those moms who: a) cannot sew but want something custom made, b) who can sew but just don’t have the time and c) would like it to be affordable.  Prices are aimed to be quite reasonable and quoted for your specific need.

Lens Buddie

One of my friends is a fantastic photographer and asked me to make her a lens buddy.  Since this is the first time I had made something like this I themed it to go with her little girl’s birthday party.  However there are so many other ideas and ways to do this can’t wait to get started on some more.

Dora Ballerina


Legends of OZ

In support of TEARS animal shelter we attended the Legends of OZ movie premier.  I thought it’d be nice for tinker-fairy to wear the “Dorothy dress” and so I set out to make it for her.  This was a fairly easy sew, and did it quick the evening before the movie, since it’s winter here I dressed tinker-fairy with a vest under the dress, and some nice warm leggings.

20140522 Legends of Oz

Disclaimer:  I do not support the PG classification of this movie. In my opinion it is not suitable for children under the age of 7 and even then will not recommend that the children watch it without parental supervision.  There is some hidden humour in the movie which the adults enjoy.


Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy

Meet Zarina, the Pirate Fairy.  The new Tinkerbell movie was released at the beginning of May 2014, and as a surprise I made my lil tinker-fairy the dress that Zarina wears in  the movie.  Working with only the picture found online it was great fun creating this little dress.  She absolutely loved it, and enjoyed the movie so much.

20140511 Pirate Fairypirate fairy dress - done and done

Something sweet to hold our Easter sweets

easter baskets

I received an order for these gorgeous baskets from a good friend and they turned out to be so popular that I ended up making and selling quite few of them.  They really are fun to make, and fun to use

To place an order send an email to  picture2pillow@gmail.com

Olaf, the summer loving snowman

Took little tinker-fairy to see Frozen on the big screen again.  Since she loved it so much the first time I wanted to make this time just as special. So the night before the show I decided to make her her very own Olaf to take to the movies with her.  Given a little more time I’m sure some details would’ve been a bit more accurate, but here he is, our very own summer loving snowman.  Made from soft velvety fabric, there is a squeeky in his nose, just for fun, and I put him on her car seat so she would discover him the next morning on our way out.

20140111 Olaf

The Mermaid Tail

little tinker-fairy is fascinated with mermaids at the moment and begged me for a mermaid tail of her own. So off we went to the fabric store.  Under some gentle guidance she chose a cerise pink crushed taffeta, glitter netting and a soft pink organza.

mermaid tail 

It was easier to make than I thought, and actually took longer to get her to stand still for the photos than to make the outfit.