I was driving tinker-fairy and her 2little friends to their dancing lesson yesterday and the 3 were discussing their parties. WOW!! what a discussion!

The one’s birthday is in June, and the other friend’s birthday is in August, and it sounds like the mommies are starting their planning and the girls have VERY set ideas of what they want. tinker-fairy’s birthday is in December, but she knows we do a half-birthday tea in June, so she was also in on the discussion and planning. Wish I had recorded it.

The one is set on having a princess party. She has decided that she will be Belle, and tinker-fairy must be Cinderella…HUGE argument as my little tinker-fairy wants to be Rapunzel instead…they managed to agree that tinker-fairy can be Rapunzel only cause she has the longest hair in school   !! Her cake is going to have fireworks inside it, and no one must pop her balloons cause she will get upset. The other friend didn’t give much details of her actual party but said it will be up on the mountain, and no one else is allowed to have a party on the mountain cause the WHOLE mountain will be her party.

tinker-fairy has set the bar high for mommy to perform for her half-birthday tea party, she tells of beautiful dresses, and tea sets and lots of different little cakes with sprinkles on, marshmallows on sticks, lots of ‘sparklies’ everywhere, light pink and white balloons… this child is a serious planner.

I have often wondered what they discuss amongst each other, maybe it’s better if mommy doensn’t know all

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