Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy

Meet Zarina, the Pirate Fairy.  The new Tinkerbell movie was released at the beginning of May 2014, and as a surprise I made my lil tinker-fairy the dress that Zarina wears in  the movie.  Working with only the picture found online it was great fun creating this little dress.  She absolutely loved it, and enjoyed the movie so much.  The movie is a wonderful adventure, and as always contained a very important life lesson, what it is like to walk in someone else shoes.  The fairies all take on this challenge as their talents are switched and had to rely on each other to guide them in using their new talent.  It also teaches that even though we are used to doing things a certain way it doesn’t mean that is the only way to do it.

My lil tinker-fairy had so much fun watching the movie.  She was enthralled and so totally mesmerized by it that she didn’t move a muscle throughout the whole movie.  Which also means she didn’t eat any of her popcorn, so daddy scored as we brought him back the box of movie popcorn, yum!

Really can’t wait for this movie to become available on DVD so that we can add it to our already extensive Tinkerbell movie collection.

20140511 Pirate Fairy pirate fairy dress - done and done

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