End of the month treats

Many times the end of the month comes and the cupboards are bare and there’s not one piece of candy to be found, yet that is the day that children will absolutely NEED a treat and will drive you mad with it.  Last month we had one of those days and no amount of fruit or promise of treats after shopping the next day would satisfy my tinker-fairy.  Her solution “mommy must make a plan”.

Slightly frustrated and not knowing what to do I opened the baking cupboard again in search of something, and then had a lightbulb moment.

We might not have candy in the house, but I remember as a child my dad would sprinkle sugar on our bread as a end of the month treat.

I grabbed the container with the coloured sugars, a slice of bread spread with some butter, and voila!! rainbow bread!!

I promise it’s not even a full teaspoon of sugar that’s on the bread, but because it is coloured it looks fantastic and tastes ‘yummy yum’ in the words of tinker-fairy.

So moms, when all else fails, rummage through your baking cupboard, there is bound to be something magical in there.


ps, she was so excited that she couldn’t wait for me to take a photo, so this is only half the slice of bread.

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