Teaching Tinker-Fairy to sew

Little Tinker-Fairy is now old enough to sit with me when I do sewing.  She has become fascinated by the fact that the sewing machine can make stitches and wants to learn to sew.  I’m a little nervous to  let her use needles though. However I found some really nice plastic ones at the local haberdashery.  Now armed with a plastic needle, thin wool and a piece of hessian edged with masking tape to stop it from fraying, Tinker Fairy is free to experiment with stitching.

She did remarkably well.  I am quite impressed.  A little bit more practice and she’ll be able to start stitching basic patterns.  For now we going to stick with the hessian.  It is soft and easy to use, and a bit forgiving when stitching is not perfect.  It’s also quite a bit cheaper that cross stitch fabric, we’ll work our way towards the more specialized materials.

Tinker Fairy’s sewing basket (once I have bought one) will contain the following ~ feel free to use this list if you’re putting together a sewing basket for your little one:

  • blocks of hessian edged with masking tape to stop them from fraying.  (i find this easier for little hands to work with than an embroidery hoop/ring)
  • plastic needles – ones with a nice big eye
  • little balls of thin wool, different colours
  • large buttons with large holes
  • small scissors (she is quite adept at using scissors, but if you feel nervous about letting your little one have access to a scissors then exclude it from your basket)

As she becomes more adept to sewing/hand stitching we’ll work on technique and work our way towards edging with a blanket stitch and making herself a little hessian bag/pouch.  Once she has mastered that I believe she’ll be ready to graduate on to regular needles and fabric.

It’s quite exciting teaching her these things.

20140504 Stitching

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