Intaka Island

Discovering this little gem in the midst of the concrete jungle that is Century City and it’s surrounds was quite amazing.  It’s an amazing place to learn about nature, to see birds and insects in a very natural environment, and to be able to examine various plants up close.  I’m not sure this was the perfect time of year to go, May is quite cold and I would suspect that most plants will flower in the spring and summer which would make for a really beautiful walk.  We didn’t book a guided tour, we just ambled along the paths at our own pace, stopping to look at interesting things along the way and to really listen to the birds songs.  Tinker Fairy entertained us along the way with tales of crocodiles in the water, frogs hiding in the reeds and her extreme fascination with spiders and spider webs…who needs a tour guide when you have a 3yr old by your side??

The 1km path that we took is a very easy and beautiful walk.  The path is fairly wide and relatively smooth which makes it great for wheelchairs and prams.  There is a nice picnic spot set a on a little hill (this might be a bit difficult to get to with a wheelchair or pram, but not impossible) lending a magnificent view of the island with Table Mountain as the backdrop.

Cost wise, it’s cheaper to go here than it is to buy a loaf of bread, so definitely a must do.  To add to the magic there is a little boat that ferries visitors from Canal Walk shopping centre to the island and back again, and again the cost is minimal.  We didn’t go on the boat as the canal was undergoing maintenance, but next time we definitely will.

Intaka Island, definitely a little gem.

20140501 Intaka Island

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