The Mermaid Tail

little tinker-fairy is fascinated with mermaids at the moment and begged me for a mermaid tail of her own. So off we went to the fabric store.  Under some gentle guidance she chose a cerise pink crushed taffeta, glitter netting and a soft pink organza.

mermaid tail

It was easier to make than I thought, and actually took longer to get her to stand still for the photos than to make the outfit.



I’m sure that my little tinker-fairy thinks my sewing machine is some magical device. She has placed orders for nurse’s outfit, fairy skirts and mermaid tails which will be coming soon. If there is something you would like to have made up, please drop me a line.  I would like to offer home-sewn items to those moms who: a) cannot sew but want something custom made, b) who can sew but just don’t have the time and c) would like it to be affordable.  This is a hobby not a business so prices are aimed to be quite reasonable and quoted for your specific need.

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