We love going to the forest.  It is a magical place filled with tiny yellow flowers, flat mushrooms, green and black butterflies, pine-cones, squirrels, and sticks that within the blink of an eye can morph into a wand, a cannon, or airoplane wings.  The possibilities are endless.

The bridge across the river allows for alot of fun (and patience from mom) when the kids throw a stick in the stream and excitedly wait for it to re-appear on the other side of the bridge.  There is also a ‘swimming’ area where the water if fairly shallow and the ground relatively flat.  Makes a great place to get some splashing done, and for mom to rest her legs.

There is so much to see and learn. The neighbouring farms have so much to offer by just peering in through the fence. Enormous chickens that cluck-cluck and scratch in the ground.  Another has bee hives and if you are brave enough to stand still you’ll see the bees hard at work coming in and out of the hives.

It is a wonderful place to visit.  Many bring their dogs here for walks.  Cyclists stick to the path around the parameter of the forest, and even horses and their riders come to enjoy the quiet of the forest.

What to wear? Gumboots are great, or nice strong tekkies. The forest is mostly shaded and can be a tad nippy in the early morning/evening. Sunblock, hats and water bottles should also be in your backpack.

Now, off you go and enjoy the forest.  A magical place amidst highways, busy roads and residential areas. A visit soothes the soul.

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